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Genesis Chiropractic

Let us help you fight the stresses of life by activating your body's amazing natural healing abilities!

Singapore Chiropractor for Revitalised Health

Awaken Your Potential at Genesis Chiropractic

Every moment with every person we come in contact with is precious and we are honoured to be in their lives.

At Genesis Chiropractic, our goal for every practice member is to stimulate their true health potential by integrating chiropractic care and lifestyle services. Singapore chiropractor, Dr Travis Fisher creates an uplifting experience for each individual who walks through our door. Our purpose is to educate, inspire and adjust both the body and mind of whole families.

Trusting Your Body’s Abilities

We see a world with limitless potential however many of us experience life through a fog of intervention, dangerous
interventions with limited long term success. From the start, birth trauma is increasing and breastfeeding
rates are falling, while our children face more health challenges than ever before. Most parents feel
paralysed, no longer trusting their instincts, and succumbing to fear.

The good news is we as chiropractors want to foster a trust in your body’s innate intelligence, leading
to a paradigm shift that will inspire you to live a holistic lifestyle. We do this by using various
chiropractic techniques to clear subluxations (misalignments) in the spine that are at the root
of so much disharmony in our world. When your body and brain are connected, you
can reach your greatest potential!

Feeling Hope and Empowerment

Our priority for each practice member is to help them live a life full of
enjoyment, sparked by hope and transformed by the discovery of a new way of
living. We hope that people take action on their own behalf for health, happiness
and a great life. Through education, awareness, excellent service and by being a
living example, we want to spark the awakening of the utmost human potential.

We’re here to radically reenergise the health of our community!

It’s our desire to address your physical, mental and social well-being, without
the use of drugs and surgery. Invest in yourself by contacting our practice
today to discuss our safe solutions! 9810 9909

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