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Posture Analysis & Our Approach to Care

woman slouching at computer deskYou may have grown up hearing your mother admonish you to sit or stand up straight. She was right, as good posture has myriad benefits. At Genesis Chiropractic, we place a major emphasis on helping patients achieve and maintain good posture.

As part of every new patient’s exam process, we provide a postural analysis, which examines the structural balance or imbalance of the body. Why focus on posture? When we adopt proper posture, the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and support the body equally. Good posture also helps reduce low back pain, increase energy levels, and decrease neck and shoulder tension.

The Assessment

Each new patient receives comprehensive testing, including posture screening, to locate imbalances that indicate biomechanical changes. We’ll test the range of motion in all parts of your spine to identify weaknesses. If necessary, we may perform X-rays to confirm a detailed range of your needs.

We search for the problems at the root of poor posture, and analyze spinal curvatures, movement and alignment. As part of the assessment, we will look at the following:

  • Stance
  • Position of feet (in/out)
  • Alignment of the knees
  • Levelling of the hips or pelvis
  • Height differences across the shoulders
  • Tilting of the head and neck
  • Forward tilting of the pelvis
  • Forward head translation
  • Increase in the spinal curvatures
  • Walking

Our Approach to Care

We use the most researched spinal posture rehab approaches:

Dr Pettibon created the Pettibon Rehab System to help restore optimal spinal curves, increase mobility, improve strength and relieve pain. The comprehensive rehabilitation program addresses the spine’s hard and soft tissues. The Pettibon Rehab System uses specialized tools and patented technology, like the wobble chair. With 360° of rotation, side to side and front to back flexion, you can achieve all possible combinations of exercise motion.

Cervical traction devices are also used to relieve pressure and pain by stretching spinal vertebrae and muscles. Weighting systems, designed to strengthen muscles and ligaments, are also employed. These are easily customizable for your pain levels and area.

This specialized chiropractic treatment protocol helps 95% of scoliosis patients improve their condition and spinal curvature without surgery. CLEAR treatment starts with a comprehensive physical examination and a series of X-rays. The information from the physical examination and X-rays is used to create an individualized treatment plan for every patient.
A typical treatment session consists of various exercises, therapies and adjustments intended to improve the patient’s comfort level and rehabilitate the spine. Since treatment plans are customized to each patient, no two patients will have an identical treatment session.

The overarching objective of spinal orthotics is to immobilize the spine as required to provide an opportunity for healing. Spinal orthotics introduce biomechanical support, facilitate appropriate movement, correct spinal deformities/alignment, and prevent recurring injury. Spinal orthotics also help reduce pain and anxiety, and in some cases minimize the loss of height.


Why is your posture analysis and care program effective?

It’s effective because of hundreds of extra hours of additional training, which adds to our expertise.

How will I know my posture is improving?

We measure through X-rays, posture assessments and nervous system scans. We use INSiGHT technologies by CLA.

Can I improve my posture myself?

Many posture correction tools sold cheaply online are merely gimmicks for temporary relief. And oftentimes these devices take responsibility for already weakened muscles in the body, which long term only makes the problem worse.

How long is the care plan?

We show people how to neuro-muscularly hold our adjustments (alignments), so they don’t need to see the chiropractor as often over time.

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Disclaimer: Doctors referenced in content, images and video are chiropractors not medical doctors or dentists.


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