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Dr Travis Fisher [BSc, DC]

Dr. Fisher will be on a temporary leave of absence from April 22nd to July 22nd, 2024, as he and his wife welcome the arrival of their new baby.

An Early Experience With Chiropractic

Chiropractor Somerset, Dr Travis FisherGrowing up active in sports Dr Fisher (Doctor of Chiropractic*, Palmer College of Chiropractic, USA) experienced a number of injuries at a young age. However, he noticed there were always peculiar side effects from the medication and something inside him felt that taking medication was only covering up the problem. ” It was clear that my body just didn’t accept the outside-in approach and I knew there had to be a better way.”

After a back injury in high school, Dr Fisher had his first experience with chiropractic. “I didn’t even know what chiropractic was at that time! It was a unique experience, and I walked out of the chiropractor’s office feeling great. At that time, I still thought a chiropractor was someone you saw for just neck or back pain.”

It wasn’t until I entered chiropractic college that I realised chiropractors addressed full body health and wellness.

Health Comes From the Inside

I wanted to take care of people who wanted to take care of themselves.

With an interest in anatomy and physiology, Dr Fisher knew he wanted to go into the health field. While completing his Bachelors of Science degree in kinesiology and exercise science at the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire he knew he wanted to help people advance their health potential. Encouraged to enter Medical School by his professors, Dr Fisher took an internship at a hospital but was soon put off by the medical approach.

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“I worked with patients who were taking multiple medications at their doctor’s instructions. Yet, despite the treatment, people were still getting very sick and dying, even at young ages! It disheartened me that I found myself merely managing their symptoms. I wanted to find a way to prevent people from getting to that point in the first place. During my next trip home I visited my old chiropractor and voiced my frustrations about my experience working at the hospital. It was then that she suggested I consider becoming a chiropractor instead. I hadn’t really thought about it before, I had planned to go into Medicine, but I realised that my approach to health lined up with the chiropractic philosophy of healing taking place from the inside.” After doing some research, he realised it was the perfect fit. “I realised I wanted to take care of people who wanted to take care of themselves.”

Dr Fisher earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2008. Upon graduation, he completed his residency in Portland, Oregon. A group of chiropractors he met in Vancouver Canada told him about the demand for quality doctors in Asia. Dr Fisher opened his clinic Lifestyle Chiropractic in Jakarta, Indonesia where he practiced from 2009-2015 and opened Genesis Chiropractic in Singapore in 2015.

Advanced Training

Dr Travis has earned over 200 additional hours in advanced postgraduate hours in the latest cutting-edge training and certifications in spinal rehabilitation, postural transformation, kinesiology, and modern exercise science. He is dedicated to constantly learning and growing his skill set. Dr Fisher has advanced certifications from Harvard Medical School in Lifestyle Medicine, The Clear Institute and Pettibon.

CV – Dr Travis Fisher (Chiropractor)


Outside of the Practice

When he isn’t at the office, Dr Fisher likes to play golf and spend time with his friends and family, including his wife Sara.

He is the Vice President of the Alliance of Chiropractic Singapore, an organisation that serves to uphold standards in the profession with the aim to work with the government to develop the role chiropractic plays within the healthcare community in Singapore.

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