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Sept 12 2017- Dinner with the Doctor

Join us for a dynamic health talk over a delicious gourmet dinner.  This event is 100% FREE of charge as a part of our Community Outreach Program.  Seating is strictly limited to 35 guests for an intimate discussion with Dr. Fisher.  RSVP by emailing us at or call 6235 1642 / 9810 9909

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Corporate Health Talks

We provide corporate health talks on a variety of topics to businesses, schools and orginizations.  We can even provide a lite meal for a “Lunch and Learn” or “Dinner with the Doctor” type event.

To schedule an event with us please contact us at or call us at 9810 9909/ 6235 1642

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Roadshow 2

Community Service

Dr. Fisher and Sara donated free care to children at the Padesan School for the deaf and blind in Cipete, Indonesia. The school teaches children with disabilities skills that they can use in the future to earn an income.  The children put on a lovely dance and sang songs they had prepared.  They also honored Dr. Fisher with a guitar that they had hand made.

 Community Service Talks


Community Outreach ‘Dinner with the Doctor’ Events

As a part of our community outreach program Dr. Fisher donates his time (and dinner) each month to raise public awareness of health and how to prevent illness and disease.  These events are 100% free of charge and all meals are donated by Dr. Fisher.

If you or someone you know are interested to learn more about health and chiropractic, contact us at 9810/9909 to reserve a spot at our next event.



June 6 & July 11- Dinner with the Doctor

This event was over packed… We all enjoyed sharing and talking together over our delicious meal.  At this event Dr. Fisher discussed the symphony of communication throughout your body and how to maintain that line of communication for better health.




March- Dinner with the Doctor

Dr. Fisher delivered a powerful health presentation at Pasta Fresca (Boat Quay) on March 14th to a packed house!  To learn more abut our uocoming health talks contact Sara at 9810 9909 or

Dinner with the Doctor events are 100% FREE and open to the public.  *RSVP required to attend *Must be 25 years old or older to attend


Full House at Past a Fresca, Boay Quay


Healing comes from the inside


Jan 17 2017 Chinese New Year Health Talk & Celebration

A Very Special CNY 2017 Dinner with the Doctor Event at TungLok XiHe Peking Duck (Orchard Central).  Dr. Fisher put on a powerful presentation for guests about the cause and cure of disease and how to get well and stay well in 2017.  Following the presentation guests were treated to a fabulous Chinese New Year celebration meal.


Lo hei toss to prosperity and good health!

Jan 17 2017 DWD

Presentation by Dr. Travis Fisher


Guests enjoying the festivities after the presentation


December 13 2016- Dinner with the Doctor

Dr. Fisher hosted a special Dinner with the Doctor event where he facilitated a dynamic presentation discussing ways we can stay healthy and how to avoid the leading causes of disease and death.  Following the presentation Dr. Fisher treated the attendees to a delicious meal at TungLok XiHe Peking Duck.

The Dinner with the Doctor events will be held occasionally throughout the year as a part of Genesis Chiropractic’s community outreach program where Dr. Fisher provides free education and information to the public on ways to stay healthy, happy, productive citizens.


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