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New Patient Reviews:

Attentive and Great Listener

Dr Fisher is very attentive and respectful, he takes the time to explain and listens well. I appreciate all this as I’ve had spinal issues for 10years and even within the first session has given me more flexibility, increased my neck range of motion and awoke refreshed with no stiffness (which I’ve suffered for years without knowing it!). I’m very keen to fix my spinal issues NOW, as I want to be able to lead an active lifestyle into my 80s and 90s, and Genesis is the place to start.

~Stephanie L.

We were impressed by Dr. Fisher

My dad and I were impressed by Doc Fisher’s professionalism and explanations. He was very knowledgeable and we look forward to our next visit.

~Hsien A.

Definitely On The Path Now with Dr. Fisher!

Got to know Genesis Chiropractic through the dinner invite on 3 June 2017. Talk was educational on wellness. Am definitely on this path now with Dr Fisher! Thank you for the great dinner and talk! Awesome! Thank you to Sara too for sloting time in for me to meet Dr Fisher on 6 June….even though I was very late for my appointment :),

~Karen G.

Love the Care and Honesty

Hi, I was experiencing neck pain and stiffness. My sleep got disturbed. At a fair I met a chiropractor and had a package of treatments. At another event I had met Sara, Travis’ wife, we were talking about many things. I felt a connection and my gut feeling “told” me to get some treatments from Travis. I understood he knows many different ways and techniques to connect to your body, mind and individual needs. He told me about the possible improvements within the timeframe we had to work together. He gave me exercises to do at home and I loved my own involvement in my healing.

Thank you. Love the care, honesty and talks we had together!

~Ellen V.

Careful, Methodical and Knowledgeable!

Years of bad posture from being desk bound and many bad habits over the years, resulting in back pain and many sleepless nights has given me much improved overall well being. Care under Dr Travis is a must try before you pop a pill!

~Fung-Yee L.

He is improving my quality of life….

Dr Travis Fisher is highly recommended to help me maintain my spine and remove my regular migraine problem as well as my back pain issues. I had a terrible pain and sickness which Dr Travis has helped me to recover and free me from the pain and other symptoms caused by this spine issue.

~Ade S.

Professional and Dedicated

Dr. Travis and the whole staff are very professional and dedicated to make you feel comfortable along the way

~Alia A.

Made me Feel Comfortable

Travis and staff made me feel very comfortable, it is a good environment
~Irwan H.

It Feels Really Great!

I have been adjusted by Dr. Travis for so many years now. I still remember the first time I visited his clinic in Jakarta, he immediately told me that I have “military neck”. Well, of course I was not in the army, but I did have very stiff neck and shoulders, mostly because I worked with a computer too much. After several adjustments with him, my the stiffness on my neck and shoulders were gone and I can fully tilt my head to the left and right without any difficulties. Dr. Travis is really good and cool! I love it when he “cracks” my spine… It feels really great! Thank you, Dr. Travis!
~Fabiola H.

Fabulous Improvement of Life Quality!

I was in the midst of my preparation for a long-distance triathlon, as I found myself in massive back pain from one day to the other (well – actually I suffered back pain for years – but somehow I constantly neglected the situation..). My partner suggested to seek advice of a chiropractor, which I did right away.

I went to see Dr. Travis at Genesis Chiropractic and was curious about what would happen. In a very professional style we discussed my case and performed a thorough analysis of my status. It clearly turned out that it’s time not only to “take” from my body, but also to give back after almost 50 years :)

Chiropractic has helped me understand and practice my sport from a totally different perspective! Today I couldn’t even think of “not-visiting” Dr. Travis regularly and enjoying pain-less living and sport.

So this “back-pain incident” turned into a fabulous improvement of life quality! Cheers, Markus (from Austria)

PS: Have to rush now to my training for the upcoming Ironman event :)
~Markus W.

Very Helpful

Providing useful information and very helpful.

~Felicia H.

Felt Very Comfortable

Feel very comfortable from my two visits and treated professionally by Dr.Fisher and Sara. Will highly recommend friends who have needs.

~Teresa G.

Professional and Approachable

I have great faith and trust in Dr. Travis Fisher who is really very professional and approachable. Great job! Keep it up!

~Richard T.