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About Genesis Chiropractic: Chiropractor Singapore

Helping You Fight Stress

Dr. Travis Fisher and his clinic manager Sarah Fisher

Dr. Travis Fisher and co-fouder Sara Fisher welcome you to Genesis Chiropractic.

















Genesis Chiropractic is the new standard in best practices of chiropractic and wellness care. We’re built upon the original philosophy and science of chiropractic. Lifestyle habits or Thoughts, traumas and toxins, also known as physical, chemical and emotional stresses, are the cause of most disease. We address these stresses by checking the spinal column for subluxations (misalignments in the spinal column causing active nerve interference). Then, we’ll adjust the spinal column to restore proper neurological flow between the body and brain.

Safe, Effective Health Care

Dr Travis Fisher opened Genesis Chiropractic in August 2015 to provide high-quality health care to the Singapore community. After opening Lifestyle Chiropractic in Jakarta, Indonesia and seeing his practice grow, Dr Travis wanted to share the natural healing of chiropractic with other areas of Asia.

We chose Singapore because of its health-conscious culture and great location. We know Singaporeans spend a lot of time sitting at the office so we wanted to bring the benefits of chiropractic to the city’s workers and families.

Our central location on Somerset and Orchard Road makes it easy and convenient for our practice members to reach the highest levels of health!

Helping All Generations of Your Family

Dr Travis has advanced training in paediatrics and athletics, so he can provide chiropractic care for your entire family. He is one of the best chiropractor in Singapore that’s why many executive professionals to entire families in some cases up to 3-4 generations as well as athletes see us to get help. Although you may initially seek our help for pain, we’ll talk to you about the importance of long-term wellness care and bringing your family in to have their health checked, too. We want to change the health of your family, for generations to come!

Let us liberate your body’s potential. Contact our office today to make your first appointment!

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