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The Pitfalls of DIY Posture Correction

man with neck pain sitting at a deskYou may have grown up hearing from your mother to stand up straight. She was right! While poor posture doesn’t simply look bad, it can lead to many issues that can affect your quality of life. These include:

  • A higher risk of chronic diseases, such as arthritis, and the worsening of arthritis symptoms
  • Poor circulation
  • Forward head posture and slouched shoulders
  • Jaw pain
  • A decline in breathing efficiency
  • Shoulder and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems and fatigue

Don’t Settle for a Quick Fix

In an attempt to address poor posture, many people look for a quick fix. This approach, however, doesn’t get to the root cause of the poor posture.

Many posture correction tools sold cheaply online are merely gimmicks for temporary relief. And oftentimes they take responsibility for already weakened muscles in the body, which long term only makes the problem worse.

The problem with many of these posture correction devices, such as a brace, is they don’t strengthen the muscles of the back or neck.

Identifying Factors That Contribute to Poor Posture

Tech neck due to staring down at your digital devices. Working on your couch in a slouched position. Muscle tension. Wearing poor footwear. These are some of the many factors that contribute to less-than-optimal posture.

The good news is poor posture can be corrected through lifestyle changes, exercises, stretches, and chiropractic care. Genesis Chiropractic offers a posture analysis and treatment protocol that uses highly researched spinal rehab approaches.

Call 9810 9909 today to schedule a posture analysis!


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