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Hey Doctor, What Did I Do?

You know, more often than not, when someone comes in, they tell me, “I don’t know what I did — it just all of a sudden happened to me,” when they’re describing the pain they’re in.

The bottom line is, injuries don’t just happen all at once.

Less than 10% of your nerves can feel pain.

So the fact is, you really don’t feel issues until their big issues.

So picking up a kid, washing your hair in the shower, going up some steps or getting into a car doesn’t throw your back or your neck out.

It happens over years of bad posture, poor movement, and is accumulated by the habits and lifestyle patterns within the body.

So if you’ve struggled with “throwing your back out,” even an emergency pain relief chiropractor won’t fix it for life.

Neither will a medication or a fancy new chair or a new bed.

That’s why our adjustments focus on the cause of your pains and why so many of our members stay with us for wellness care instead of always being reactive to sickness or disease.

Trying to be proactive helps us with more long-term health, and it helps you to avoid those sudden aches and strains to the body.

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