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Feeling On Fire

When a house is burning down the fire department with their tools and water, they attempt to put out the fire, hopefully in time to salvage what they can.

We don’t ask the fire department to then come back and rebuild the house, too. They find the cause of the fire and make sure it never happens again.

As a chiropractor, I put out fires in the body all of the time.

Many of my practice members come in feeling like their arms, their elbows, their knees, or their back is on fire.

This comes from body inflammation, stress on the joints, and pressure on the nerves.

At Genesis Chiropractic, we’ve helped thousands put out their daily fires with our chiropractic approach, which is fine-tuned adjustments together with our functional movement protocols.

This helps the nervous system to respond to inflammation, stress, and pressure from the tight muscles so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

I’m Dr. Travis with Genesis, and if you’ve been struggling with chronic pain or burning sensations, it needs to end now.

Send us a message on WhatsApp, 9810-9909, or look us up on any kind of social media, Instagram, Facebook, and message us. We’re here to help.

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