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Chiropractors Aren't For Everyone Only People In Pain?

Did You Know That Less Than 10% Of Your Nerves In The Body Can Perceive Pain?

So what about the other 90%?

Often people say, “Wait, isn’t a chiropractor someone I go to when I’m in pain,” or “My kids don’t need to be adjusted by a chiropractor if they don’t have problems,” or “I feel fine today, why would I bother going in?”

So here’s the truth.

Typically, in my years of experience treating thousands of cases, by the time that your body feels pain, the problem has been there undetected for a very long time.

Few problems occur just randomly all of a sudden.

So let me ask you.

Since chiropractic is so excellent at getting people out of pain, wouldn’t it be smart to use it for prevention, too?

Chiropractic is about getting your body in balance as close to 100% as possible to live the happier, healthier life that we all deserve.

We see everyone from growing kids to women during pregnancy, athletes, everyone looking to perform their best, and entire families who want to live a drug-free and pain-free life.

I’m Doctor Travis with Genesis Chiropractic, reminding you not to wait until you’re in pain to get your health on track.

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