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No Proof Adjustments Work? Seeing Is Believing!


So, How Do You Know If Your Chiropractic Adjustments Work?

When you come into Genesis here, this is why we believe in showing people, not just telling you.

So in our office, we take spinal mobility measurements.

We do posture assessments at periodic points to locate imbalances or how they change, even electronic digital measurements from the very beginning to track progress later.

So this might include things like scans of your nervous system and even x-rays.

Plus, we have countless testimonials and a growing number of reviews.

One of my favorites here is this is a gentleman who came in.

He came in with headaches and migraines.

It was so bad it got to a point where he was contemplating ending his life.

He was prepared to do that.

He had undergone previous, countless doctor consults, therapies, even surgery, where they kind of carved into his sinuses and clean them out.

He had even seen osteopaths, physical therapy, and all these, you know, different approaches, which none of them helped.

So I always say, unfortunately, chiropractors are often the last resort for people who’ve been suffering when we should be one of the first, assessments included in the process.

Anyway, he came in, and he was sad, I mean, basically defeated.

He was in serious pain.

After he came in, we did our usual assessment.

We took scans and x-rays. Nobody had x-rayed his neck before.

He was very surprised by that.

What we found though was significant.

He had upper cervical and upper neck and lower neck misalignments, so we set him up on a protocol right away.

And at first, he felt almost worse in some ways, but I told him to trust the process.

And shortly after around two weeks later, his headaches and his body pains were significantly decreased.

After about a month, he was basically pain and headache-free.

So yeah, there’s plenty of proof, and that’s why we do what we do.

Don’t wait another day and find out how- go ahead and give us a call, reach out to us- how chiropractic can transform your life.

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