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How To Choose A Chiropractor

I have a secret for you — not all chiropractic offices are the same.

In fact, if you’ve been to one chiropractic office and feel like it didn’t work, then perhaps another chiropractic office with a different approach is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

There are differences to look for and some questions to consider before choosing the right chiropractor.

Some differences in our practice, first of all — I’ve been in practice as of 2021 for over 13 years.

That experience is important when selecting a chiropractor.

In addition to experience, you want to know, how is your chiropractor going to evaluate you?

How are they going to make sure they know exactly what you need?

I want to make sure that we can give you the best and absolute, most customized, precise recommendations in order for you to get the results that you came into the office for.

We’ve had countless people following the initial consultation tell us, “Wow, Nobody has ever taken the time to thoroughly explain to me how the body functions and what is chiropractic, let alone how we may be able to help you.”

We do a thorough assessment, a neurological evaluation, mobility evaluation, and when appropriate, we may even include X-rays.

We want to make sure we know everything that’s going on in order to be able to give you the best recommendation.

There are some chiropractic offices out there that will even advertise come in for your first adjustment, no exam, no X-rays.

I really feel like that puts you and probably that doctor at risk.

We want to make sure that we’re giving you a customized plan to your individual needs.

Along that plan we have set checkpoints to do a progress assessment that’s objective based, making sure you’re getting the results that we want for you.

In addition to those progress assessments, we are making sure that when we’re going through and evaluating you at the end, you’re not just getting pain relief, but we’re seeing that all aspects of your health are improved.

We have tailored do it yourself exercises at home, which many find helps them feel more responsible for their outcomes.

When you’re looking for a chiropractic office, these are some of the things you want to ask when you call to schedule your first appointment, because asking questions that go well beyond “how much is a visit” or “what about insurance” could be very different outcomes, that makes all the difference for you.

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