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Chiropractors Only Know About The Spine?

Chiropractic Certification

Hi, my name is Dr. Travis Fisher with Genesis Chiropractic in Singapore.

It’s common for people to wonder what kind of education chiropractors have as well as if they are qualified to help people.

While I don’t wear a stethoscope around my neck daily to try and impress upon you my qualifications, I can tell you this, as a chiropractor certified within the United States of America over where I also still maintain my licensure, we are required during our training to be trained as primary care chiropractic physicians, so we need to have all this background health knowledge to be able to make sure you’re in the right place in our office.

Differences In Care

As a chiropractor, I’m the best person to be taking care of you for whatever it is that you’re experiencing.

In the medical world, they are great at emergency ambulance care and looking at what medications to give you or what medications to not give you to help you when they’re caring for you.

These are the differences between the care you get with a chiropractor and a medical doctor.

But when it comes to the background and education, the rigorous classes are just as effective, and chiropractors have more hours in anatomy than almost anyone else you know.

So my job is to keep you away from needing those medical world tools like prescriptions or surgeries and to make sure that you’re taking the best possible care of your body so that you can live the best possible life you’re supposed to be living.

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