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Chiropractic Helps Student Sit, Study & Sleep Pain-Free

Dr Fisher adjusting studentAs an international school student here in Singapore, Muqriz Mizlan spends a lot of time sitting and studying. His back pain affected his daily routine significantly. He couldn’t sit down for long periods in front of the computer to type up an essay, or even sit down during testing days and write to his best ability because he was distracted.

One day, his parents suggested he visit Genesis Chiropractic after learning about our practice online.

Taking a DIY Approach Initially

Before becoming a patient, Muqriz hadn’t gone to any other healthcare providers. The only thing he attempted was “fix your posture” type exercises from YouTube videos. Because the videos were self-driven, they didn’t have any personal touches regarding his specific situation, so they were unsuccessful.

Great Results With Chiropractic

After getting care at the practice, Muqriz experienced excellent results. When he first came to the practice, he had a one-on-one consultation with Dr Fisher and got his back X-rayed. Dr Fisher used that X-ray to help tailor a treatment plan to correct Muqriz’s spine. “I enjoyed that more quantitative scientific approach,” said Muqriz.

After going through the program, Muqriz’s back and neck pain subsided, plus he noticed his focus improved because he could sit down and dedicate himself to his work. Now he can sleep in any position he wants, sit for long periods with no back pain, and ride long distances without any aches or pains.

Book an Appointment Today

Whether you’re experiencing back pain, neck pain, or headaches, we want to help you get relief, just like Muqriz did. To hear his story, check out our Facebook video and call us today at 9810 9909 to schedule an appointment!

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